Hi, My name is Ben, and I have a bit of confession to make.

Whenever I travel to a new city, I have this weird urge to check out the city’s latin dancing scene. Unfortunately, even though we humans managed to put people on the moon, build skyscrapers and cure deadly diseases, it’s still quite challenging finding out where can one go dance in a new city.

  • Simple Google search might not be enough. Some of the information you will find is unreliable, outdated and plain inaccurate. You may even go to a venue thinking you are going to dance tonight, only to find out this venue isn’t active anymore (happened to me).
  • If you want to find the really good places, the ones mostly locals knows about, you need to add yourself to dozen Facebook groups, ask locals and hope that the venue you found is actually what you expected.
  • Eventually, you might spend hours upon hours of simply trying to find out “where can I go dance tonight?

If you are somewhat like me, and ever experienced this frustration, this website is for you.

worlDancer is a platform created by dancers, for dancers, to find out where to go dance around the world. Using this website is free, and we aim to provide to most reliable, recent and updated information. We are constantly adding new events by being in contact with top dance event organizers, and share with you what we found.

We hope you will get great benefit from using worlDancer. If you have any feedback, thoughts, ideas or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me at Ben [at] worldancer.com, I read every message.

Thank you,
Ben Moskovich
Founder worlDancer.com